Client Testimonials


“Angelina organized a large pantry for us.  Her ideas are excellent, she is kind in making adjustments, and in the end, her solutions made perfect sense and we’re still using them today.  And, she’s a great human being.  Our children love her, she’s caring and gentle with our pets, and she’s someone that we trust having in our home.  We highly recommend her for home organization and home care.”
Nathan and Amanda

“What a blessing Angelina was! I had been stuck for years in a morass of over collecting. I had my own things, my mother’s and grandmother’s things, even my sister’s things. As the most settled member of my family I was the family historian, as well as an avid crafter, quilter and collector.

I could barely move, and my lower level apartment was totally unrentable because it was filled with wall to wall “stuff”.  Cleaning was a nightmare because there was so much “stuff” in the way. The spare bedroom, which was intended as a craft room, could barely be walked through.  I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed because I was overwhelmed by the mess. I could never find a clear surface to work on- and forget ever having guests in my home! I was ashamed to let people know how disorganized I was.

Angelina got me “unstuck”. She was very kind and non-judgmental. When I decided something should be donated, she would take it to her SUV and I never had to think about it again. If something was trash, she put it in the trash. Angelina even took my recycling into town! This was all so helpful in keeping my mind clear and focused on my goal: keeping what was useful, beautiful and precious, and removing the clutter blocking my life.

Angelina cleaned as she worked through the rooms. She always offered choices and let me stay in control of the process. I never felt rushed, yet we made rapid progress. When I felt overwhelmed, Angelina would suggest clearing a specific area. When I was undecided, she would say, “Well, let’s try it and you can decide if you want to keep it like that.”

At the end, my lower level apartment is clean, empty and ready to rent. My guest room is once again a tidy guest room and craft room with neat and accessible materials. I have a clean and tidy garage, with all the cabinets and drawers organized by function and labeled. I had 14 tape measures because I could never find them. It was easier to go to the store to buy another! Now I have one to hand whenever I need it.

Thanks to Angelina, I am now able to use my energy on what I want- art, crafts and relaxation after work.”


“Angelina was a pleasure to work with. Her ambition and knack for organizing with intention, turned the spaces I dread spending time in, into spaces that keep our household running smoothly.  She was great at identifying what the problem areas were and what changes would best serve our family. It helped me to see that a lot of small changes can be implemented to help make our lives less stressful and make us more productive. I can’t thank her enough for her help. I would highly recommend her for any job, big or small. Her fresh perspective and great ideas are not only helpful but can be life changing. ”

The Stotsenbergs

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